February 3, 2023

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Tower of Fantasy Ruins are triangular constructions which you can enter to defeat enemies, resolve puzzles, and full exploration aims in trade for superior rewards. To the left of Benjes Dock, you could find the ruins of B-02. In case you enter it in simple mode, you’ll encounter stress plate puzzles that may be solved with steel cubes.

All chest areas and puzzle options in Tower of Fantasy Wreck B-02 (Simple)

Two chests in ruins B-02

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Getting into the Ruins defeat all enemies within the space of. You’ll instantly discover a chest behind Thorn Vines. Assault branches utilizing fireplace weapon to burn them, then loot the primary chest.

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The second chest is in the identical room. leap off an enormous clearing within the middle and defeat all of the enemies. Enter the room under and take the second chest. As soon as that is accomplished, head again upstairs to proceed exploring the Ruins.

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First stress plate puzzle

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To the left of the chest with spikes, one can find a ladder resulting in a room with a stress plate puzzle. Raise up dice and throw it in middle stress plate. This can trigger the Plate to vary colour from crimson to blue and subsequently open a door main additional into the Ruins. As a result of nature of the dice, it could roll off its seat even should you purpose on the middle. If this occurs, simply attempt once more!

Second Stress Plate Thriller

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Enter the opened door and one can find your self in an space with two stress plates and two extra rooms blocked by spikes. First, use fireplace weapon to do away with the briar blocking the rooms.

Stroll into the room to leftthe place enemies are ready for you. By defeating them Increase the dice and take it to the room on the correct. Within the room on the correct one can find one other the dice is locked behind the gate. To open this gate, use the dice earlier and drop it on the stress plate (contained in the room, not exterior). The plate ought to change colour from crimson to blue, opening the gate.

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Decide up the dice from the unlocked gate and take it exterior to the realm with the 2 stress plates. Drop it on any of the plates till it turns blue. Come again to room on the correctthen elevate dice on stress plateand switch it to the second stress plate from the skin. It must also flip blue. This can open the following room. The remainder of the Ruins might be accomplished by defeating all of the enemies that stand in your means.

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