February 6, 2023

Wanna know what’s finest Fantasy Tower Weapon and the right way to replace them? Blades, bows, and different weapons are literally some of the defining options of an anime sport, however in Gacha’s slightly distinctive mechanics, Tower of Fantasy characters haven’t got their very own traits, sorts, or skills. They’re extra like glorified skins as a result of all of the stats are of their relative weapons.

In Tower of Fantasy, you play as a single playable character on a regular basis, slightly than creating a celebration like in Genshin Impression. That character can then wield any set of desired weapons obtained by banners and occasions, whereas unlocked characters are worn as skins, giving no benefit in fight. Each time you draw a brand new character, you get each character and weapon collectively. This is what you want to find out about Tower of Fantasy weapons.

Fantasy Tower weapon ranges

There are presently three completely different weapon tiers based mostly on rarity: R, SR, and SSR. SSR weapons are the rarest and due to this fact the very best to equip as a result of elevated base stats. These prime tier weapons and characters could be discovered from Genshin-like banners and occasions and are similar to five-star characters.

SR, the four-star equal, can be obtained by banners, however firstly of the sport, you’ll obtain Echo and her SR-level halberd. Since solely R-tier weapons have been accessible up up to now, Echo’s Thundering Halberd would be the finest weapon so as to add to your gear in the meanwhile, and also you may wish to take into account pairing it with an R-tier bow for ranged assaults.

Fantasy Tower Weapon Varieties

With 4 completely different weapon sorts, you may both combine them up in your loadout or stick along with your favourite kind. After all, you may’t at all times decide which weapon you will select, so early sport is a superb alternative to become familiar with every kind and see the way it performs as you construct your assortment. Every of the 4 sorts has a set means, as proven under, however a few of them have extra distinctive skills.

fantasy tower ice weapons

ice kind

Shell of Ice: A completely charged assault freezes the goal for two seconds, leaving them frostbitten for six seconds. Breaking the ice shell offers extra injury equal to 151% assault injury. Throughout frostbite, the goal’s weapon cost velocity is diminished by 50%.

Fantasy tower Lightning weapon


Volt: A completely charged weapon will paralyze targets for a second, electrify them for six seconds, and deal injury equal to 144% of assault energy. This electrical assault additionally negates all buffs and prevents the goal from gaining new buffs for the subsequent six seconds.

Fantasy Firearm Tower


Flame: When a hearth weapon is absolutely charged, it’s going to set the goal on hearth for eight seconds on its subsequent assault, dealing fixed injury equal to 58% of ATK each second. Targets on hearth acquire 50% therapeutic.

fantasy tower grievous weapon


Grievous: A completely charged weapon with its subsequent assault will deal injury equal to 137% ATK and make the goal Grievous for 7 seconds, taking 20% ​​extra injury.

Fantasy Tower weapon skills

Every Tower of Fantasy weapon has 4 completely different skills. They supply different assaults to the primary assault, whether or not it is a combo, dodge, or highly effective assault with a cost. 4 completely different weapon skills to grasp:

  • Odd: A mix of 5 fundamental assaults, every of which offers extra injury than the earlier one.
  • Dodge: By dodging an incoming assault on the proper time, you activate Fantasy, which briefly slows all close by enemies. You’re additionally briefly immune if you dodge.
  • Talent: Every weapon’s talent is exclusive, however is basically a robust assault that will increase injury or therapeutic energy by a big proportion.
  • Dismiss: Just like the Talent means, Discharge can also be distinctive to every weapon, however at all times prompts when the weapon is absolutely charged or Fantasy has been triggered. The discharge removes all debuffs from the participant and considerably will increase assault injury or therapeutic, amongst different distinctive bonuses.

How one can improve Tower of Fantasy weapons


Upgrading your weapons is the primary a part of upgrading your gear, and fortunately it is fairly simple. With gold, you may merely choose “Improve” your weapon from that weapon’s menu web page. Nevertheless, there’s a degree cap with upgrades, after which you want to improve your weapon to proceed upgrading.


When you attain the utmost improve degree on your weapon, you will have to spend elemental cores to improve it to improve it additional. These cores are particular to your weapon kind, so you will have the proper core on your weapon.

  • Magcore (purple): Lightning weapon
  • Hearth Core (Purple): Firearms
  • Rokkor (orange): Grievous weapon
  • Ice core (blue): ice weapons

These cores could be collected within the atmosphere round you and seem like massive clusters of crystals rising out of the bottom. Break these crystals to gather cores.

Ascension Achievements

The ultimate step in Tower of Fantasy’s slightly convoluted weapon improve system means you too can improve your weapons by getting upgrades. There are six weapon improve tiers that enhance the bottom assault or HP of your weapon, or present extra energy distinctive to that weapon.

The fabric wanted to elevate your weapon is the toughest to get. The ascension materials, known as Fusion Cores, is obtained by breaking down duplicate weapons of the identical kind. For instance, you may solely climb Raven’s Scythe in the event you get a second one and convert it into fusion cores. The benefit of that is that you need to use any duplicates you may draw, however it’s going to take loads of luck to extract the duplicate from an SSR weapon.

You now have all the knowledge you want about weapons in Tower of Fantasy, each car within the sport, and the right way to unlock and navigate the Tower of Fantasy map. And on condition that these weapons go hand in hand with their relative characters, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier listing to see how they stack up.

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