September 25, 2022

If you wish to get Selkie Flippers to make armor or weapons in Tribes of Midgard, you need to hunt Selkie within the Ash Seashore biome. It’s also possible to buy Selkie Flippers from Ash Seashore Sorcerers with showers. Nevertheless, your foremost and finest method to get Selkie Flippers is to farm Selkies, however discovering them generally is a little tough.

Briefly, selkies conceal beneath the guise of lovable seals. Due to this, you need to first search for seals, which additionally spawn within the Ash Seashore biome. Each Selkies and Seals can even spawn on the Ash Seashore Islands, however you will not be capable to discover them till you construct a ship in Tribes of Midgard.

The place to seek out Ash Seashore Biome in Tribes of Midgard

You’ll find the Ash Seashore biome through bridges or paths resulting in it from the Basin Land or Shiny Forest biomes. You will know while you’re contained in the Ash Seashore biome while you see a darkish blue space close to the water. The picture under reveals an instance of the Ash Seashore biome within the Tribes of Midgard.

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Learn how to use Selkie Flippers in Tribes of Midgard

Gamers can use Selkie Flippers to craft numerous weapons and armor in Tribes of Midgard. Here’s a checklist of things that require Selkie Flippers to craft:

  • Serpent Armor Set
  • snake head
  • snake pores and skin
  • Serpent Gauntlets
  • Serpent’s Leggings
  • Snake boots snakes
  • Serpent Ward Protect
  • Serpent Nibbler 1-3

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