October 1, 2022

Pokemon is an ever-expanding franchise, including extra video games, characters, varieties, areas, and particularly extra lovable and funky creatures often known as Pokémon. With this endlessly increasing lore and even remakes of video games that have been initially launched years earlier than, there are sure to be retcons in among the lore selections that have been made earlier within the sequence.

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Pokemon is just not a sequence that always contradicts itself, it has a really linear, straight ahead idea and builds upon it primarily by increasing the world. With every new area, there are new characters, creatures, and lore which are unique to that area within the Pokémon world. Nonetheless, because the sequence has been operating for nearly thirty years, there are a number of retcons which are created with every new addition to the Pokémon world.


6 The Pokémon world is not a part of the true world

crimson Pokemon, Blue, in addition to Yellow made it clear that the Pokémon world was an extension of the true world. There have been many areas impressed by or based mostly on actual locations, however the Kanto area was created as a fictional illustration of the true Kanto in Japan. That is evident from the numerous references to actual world ideas equivalent to battle, faith, nations, and animals scattered all through the video games.

Step by step, these real-world references have been eliminated, seemingly attributable to the truth that increasing the Pokémon world whereas sustaining the canon that it is a part of the true world is a problem for the franchise to remain inside. These modifications included Parasect’s pokemon stadium The Pokedex entry has been modified to say its “spores are generally used as drugs in China” and Vermillion Metropolis’s Lieutenant Surge is not American.

5 New varieties of Pokemon exist already

There may be normally a lore rationalization behind each new mechanic in video games. For instance, journey Pokémon unique to Alola, Wishing Stars, powering the vitality used for Dynamaxing in pokemon sword and defend, and Mega Stones, created by the vitality emitted by the legendary Pokémon Yvelthal and Xerneas in Kalos.

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Nonetheless, there isn’t any rationalization as to why new Pokemon varieties are being added. They merely seem by altering the varieties of Pokemon that beforehand had just one sort, for instance, Magnemite turns into an Electrical/Metal sort after together with Darkish and Metal varieties in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and the evolutionary strains of Ralts and Mime Jr., which turned psychic/faerie varieties after fairy typing was launched in Pokémon X and Y. The lore behind the brand new varieties and modifications to different Pokémon varieties has by no means been fleshed out, principally simply brushed apart by feedback about new discoveries being made on a regular basis.

4 Oak lied about pokedex

It has been canon since its launch. Pokemon Legends Arceus that Professor Oak is a liar. AT pokemon legends arceus, which canonically precedes the occasions pokemon crimson and blue For hundreds of years, Professor Laventon has been introducing the participant to his invention and keenness: The Pokedex.

Professor Oak, particularly, takes credit score for inventing the Pokedex when the participant first encounters it inEra I. Because it’s clear that the Pokédex was an concept that predates Professor Oak’s existence, it is a bit odd that he confidently takes credit score for inventing the Pokédex, though it is now revealed to have been created lengthy earlier than the occasions of Pokémon Crimson and Blue.

3 Sinnou reworked Hisui

Though the legends Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum was not as particular as gamers would really like, it was by no means mentioned that the Sinnoh area had a special identify previously. When it was revealed in Pokemon Legends Arceus that the Sinnoh area was named Hisui centuries earlier than the occasions Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, this left the gamers a bit confused.

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To not point out that “Sinnoh” refers back to the deity and to not the area in all places. Legends of Pokemon Arceus. The renaming of the area previously and the transfer from Sinnoh to the identify of a deity fairly than the area itself is taken into account an enormous latest lore retcon within the franchise.

2 Actual hyperlinks in Pokedex entries

Actual references within the Pokémon world have dwindled over time. Whereas there have been a number of references in dialogue between NPCs and characters, many references to the true world have been taken from Pokedex entries from Era I.

Raichu’s Pokedex entry used to say it was sturdy sufficient to electrocute an Indian elephant, however it has since been modified to say it could possibly kill a copper elephant. Equally, Ponyta’s Pokedex entries in Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon FireRed declare that he can overcome the Eiffel Tower and Ayers Rock, respectively, in a single leap. Legendary Pokémon even have references to the true world, as Mew was allegedly initially discovered within the jungles of the South American nation of Guyana.

one The return of Giovanni within the second technology

After Giovanni, the chief of the evil group Workforce Rocket, is defeated by the protagonist in pokemon crimson and blue, he disbands Workforce Rocket and takes a flip for the higher, deciding to dedicate his life to finding out Pokémon. One of many largest plot factors Pokemon Gold and Silver, in addition to Pokémon HeartGold And SoulSilver, are the remnants of Workforce Rocket attempting to contact their previous chief once more.

Canonically, these messages do nothing, as Giovanni by no means solutions or returns to assist Workforce Rocket. Nonetheless, the occasion in Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver confirms that Giovanni did certainly hear Workforce Rocket’s radio transmissions attempting to contact him, however by no means returned attributable to being defeated by the protagonist. When creating the unique Pokemon Gold and Silver, there have been plans to offer Giovanni a correct return exterior of the occasion specified by the remakes. He was initially conceived as a member of the Era II Elite 4, and his sprite may even be discovered within the radio tower, implying that he would have responded to Workforce Rocket’s messages a method or one other.

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