September 25, 2022

Cooking is an integral half fantasy tower, because it helps wanderers regenerate HP, regenerate satiety, and achieve helpful buffs. Due to this fact, gathering components for cooking isn’t any much less necessary within the recreation, which could be simply carried out whereas exploring the huge world of Hades.

Mushrooms are frequent components which can be important to many recipes in fantasy tower. Most of those recipes principally restore Satiety, which principally represents the participant’s starvation degree and determines how a lot HP he regenerates outdoors of the battlefield.


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The place to search out mushrooms in Tower Of Fantasy

Mushrooms can both be obtained by killing a shruman, or they are often present in a number of areas of Esperia. Nevertheless, they’re present in giant numbers within the Corona area. It is price noting that wanderers should be degree 32 or larger to realize entry to this area. In any other case, the character’s HP bar will probably be depleted, and will probably be inconceivable to gather any components in it. fantasy tower.

Whereas there are numerous locations which have an honest quantity of mushrooms, two of them stand out probably the most: the Mining Camp and the Forgotten Land. The primary space could be reached by teleporting to Spacerift: Mining Camp and heading west to climb Mt. After that, gamers will be capable of stroll alongside the cliff and accumulate about 20 mushrooms.

Second place has much more fantasy tower components than the primary. To get there, gamers simply have to rapidly get to Crown Omnium Tower and they’ll discover that the entire island is filled with mushrooms. Wanderers can simply accumulate about 40 mushrooms in a brief period of time.

Between two factors, gamers can constantly accumulate supplies in the identical space. It’s because components and enemies will respawn if gamers teleport to a different location. As well as, wanderers also can transfer between the 2 areas till they accumulate as many mushrooms as they want.

Mushroom recipes in Tower Of Fantasy

There are 5 recipes in complete that require mushrooms. They shouldn’t be confused with ghost mushrooms in fantasy towerwhich might solely be present in Astra and may solely be used as a part of a single recipe.

Fried mushrooms:

  • Recovers 5 factors of Satiety and restores 10% + 1500 HP.
  • Elements: Mushrooms x2

Mushroom soup:

  • Recovers seven factors of Satiety and restores 12% + 3300 HP.
  • Elements:

Sliced ​​fish with mushrooms:

  • Recovers seven factors of Satiety and restores 12% + 3300 HP.
  • Elements:
    • х2 Mushrooms
    • x1 Silver Perch

Dandelion Mushroom Soup:

  • Recovers seven factors of Satiety and restores 12% + 3300 HP.
  • Elements:
    • х2 Mushrooms
    • x2 Dandelion Seed

Sea Crab Soup:

  • Restores 10 starvation, positive aspects 10% + 170 hearth resistance for 900 seconds.
  • Elements:
    • x4 Mushrooms
    • x2 Hermit Crab

As with mushrooms, the opposite components in fantasy tower comparable to hermit crab and dandelion seeds could be simply obtained via analysis.

fantasy tower now obtainable on PC and cell gadgets.

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