September 27, 2022

Wanna understand how unlock secret characters in Vampire Survivors? While you begin your first playthrough, you solely have just a few Vampire Survivors characters and some weapons obtainable. Nonetheless, every playthrough unlocks extra objects, weapons, and characters that you need to use on future makes an attempt.

These things are important if you wish to use Vampire Survivor weapon evolution to maximise weapon injury for the perfect Vampire Survivors construct. The sport additionally blocks new characters primarily based on necessities, resembling leveling up your gear to a sure threshold, trying to find objects in a stage, or destroying a quota of monsters. Later, it’s also possible to discover Arcana to offer your weapons distinctive bonuses to take down your enemies.

A few of these unlock situations are obscure and complicated, so we determined to checklist how one can get all of the characters, weapons, objects, and ranges of Vampire Survivors. We even have a cheat code you must enter to get one other hidden vampire slayer and steps to entry different secret characters.

The key of Vampire Survival is revealed

Listed below are all Vampire Survivors unlocks:


  • Arch – improve your Fireplace Wand to stage 4
  • Porta – improve Lighting Ring to stage 4
  • By – improve Garlic to the seventh stage
  • Clerici – get better a complete of 1000 HP over a lifetime
  • Concetta – discover and open the coffin within the Gallo tower
  • Mortaccio – defeat a complete of 3000 skeletons
  • Dommario – earn 5000 cash in a single run
  • Crochi – Defeat a complete of 100,000 enemies
  • Yatta Cavallo – Defeat a complete of three,000 lion heads
  • lama – Survive 20 minutes with a curse of not less than 10%
  • poppea – Discover and open the coffin on the Dairy Plant, destroying all of the enemies round it. It’s displayed as ‘?’ on the milky means map
  • Christine – get the Pentagram to the seventh stage
  • Punyala Provola – Discover and open a coffin within the Loopy Forest, destroying all enemies round it. It’s displayed as ‘?’ on the milky means map
  • Bianca Ramba – Defeat a complete of 3000 Milk Elementals within the Dairy Manufacturing unit
  • Giovanna – Discover and open the coffin within the Inlaid Library, destroying all enemies round it. It’s displayed as ‘?’ on the milky means map
  • O’Sole Mio – Defeat a complete of three,000 dragon shrimp within the Gallo Tower
  • Zi’Assunta Belpais – Discover and open the coffin in Chapel Magna, destroying all of the enemies round it. It’s displayed as ‘?’ on the milky means map
  • Exdash – enter “x-x1viiq” in the primary menu and a beep will sound
  • Tosti – kill the Stalker or the Drowner, then press the down arrow and enter the keys when Toastie seems within the decrease proper nook of the display. That you must be fast because it solely lasts half a second (requires you to unlock Exdash first)
  • Smith – Kind “spam” in the primary menu, then click on “Begin” and sort “spam” within the character choice menu. Choose a personality and enter “spam” within the stage choose menu. Begin a stage and select your Arcana, then kind “cheat” to unlock that character (might require you to unlock each Exdash and Toastie first)
  • Concetta – Discover and open the coffin within the Gallo tower, destroying all of the enemies round it. It’s displayed as ‘?’ on the milky means map
  • Gallo – unlock weapon evolution Infinite Hall
  • Couch – Unlock Crimson Shroud weapon evolution
  • Sir Ambrogio – Kill 6000 stage killers in Capella Magna
  • Purple Demise – kill dying after time runs out (requires each Crimson Shroud and Infinite Hall Weapon Evolution)
  • Leda – Defeat Leda within the Gallo Tower. From the start, head south till Leda seems. The display will flip off and the music will turn out to be ominous if you get near it
  • Boone Marrabbio – Defeat the shadow within the Loopy Forest. To make the shadow seem, accumulate the Cranium and Pummarola objects, then preserve amassing chickens from the braziers till pies begin to seem. Hold consuming pies till a shadow seems. You possibly can enhance the possibility of a Brazier spawning by amassing Clover.
  • Minna Mannara – Defeat the werewolves on the Dairy Manufacturing unit. To spawn werewolves, choose Arcana VIII – Mad Groove if you begin your run and accumulate the cheese that spawns. Please word that if the werewolf disappears as a substitute of dying, you’ll not unlock a brand new character.
  • Peppino – Use Sky Mud to heal the vegetation in Ile Molise for a complete of 100,000 well being factors.
  • Gaines Boros – Discover the inexperienced circle with flowers within the Bone Zone whereas heading north. Go previous the silver ring and preserve going till you discover it. Keep inside this space till you hear the unlock sound.
  • Gyorunton – Survive quarter-hour in Boss Rash utilizing just one weapon. (eggs allowed)
  • Large pants – Absolutely improve all 16 passive objects in Moongolow
  • Cosmo Pavone – Begin a run in Capella Magna with out eggs. Take the Peachone and Ebony Wings and Arcana I (Gemini) weapons. Stroll to the objects “Crown” and “Tiragisu”. Close by on the balcony you need to see Nduya fritta. Choose it up and the gate will open. Take the chook sitting on the balcony to unlock this character.
  • Queen Sigma – full the gathering.


  • Runetracer – Survive 5 minutes with Pasqualina
  • Pichon – survive ten minutes with any character
  • fireplace wand – destroy 20 mild sources
  • Garlic – discover 5 ground chickens
  • Lancet – discover Orologion by breaking candles till he seems
  • Cross – discover the Rosary by breaking the candles till it seems
  • Ring of illumination – Defeat a complete of 5000 enemies
  • ebony wings – improve Picon to the seventh stage
  • Music of Mana – Survive quarter-hour with Poppea
  • sparrow eight – Survive 10 minutes with Punyala
  • Piera Der Tuphello – Survive quarter-hour with Punyala
  • Gatto Amari – Survive quarter-hour with Giovanna
  • Vento Sacro – Survive quarter-hour with Zi’Assunta
  • Swan – use Arcana I with Peachone (passive weapon)
  • Firebird – use Arcana I with Ebony Wings (passive weapon)
  • crimson muscle – use Arcana I with Phiera Der Tuphello (passive weapon)
  • Twice in a fairy story – use Arcana I with Eight the Sparrow (passive weapon)
  • Pack Destroyer – use Arcana I with Gatto Amari (passive weapon)
  • sweet bowl – unlock massive pants
  • Sword of Victory – Defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Queen Sigma.


  • hole coronary heart – Survive one minute with any character.
  • Wings – attain the fifth stage.
  • Crown – attain the tenth stage.
  • Bracer – improve King Bible to the fourth stage.
  • Candelabrador – get Holy water to the fourth stage.
  • caster – elevate Runetracer to the seventh stage.
  • Empty quantity – have six completely different weapons.
  • Clover – Discover Clover by breaking the candles till he seems.
  • Magnet – Discover the Vacuum Cleaner by breaking the candles till it seems.
  • Pentagram – Survive 20 minutes with any character.
  • stone masks – Go proper from the beginning of your run within the inlaid library for about three minutes till you discover it.
  • magic fireworks – go left from the beginning of your run within the inlaid library till you discover it.
  • Tiragisu – face up to 20 minutes with Croci.
  • Torrona’s Crate – Maintain six completely different weapon evolutions directly.
  • omni – Improve Torrona’s Crate to stage 9.
  • Skip #1 – Survive half-hour in Inexperienced Acres.
  • Skip #2 – Survive quarter-hour in Il Molise.
  • Skip #3 – Survive half-hour in The Bone Zone.
  • Skip #4 – Survive quarter-hour in Moongolow.
  • Skip #5 – Survive quarter-hour in Boss Rash.
  • Reroll #1 – Attain stage 100 with Mortaccio.
  • Reroll #2 – Attain stage 100 with Yatta Cavallo.
  • Reroll #3 – Attain stage 100 with Bianca Ramba.
  • Reroll #4 – Attain stage 100 with O’Soul Mio.
  • Reroll #5 – Attain stage 100 with Ambrojoe.
  • Banish #1 – fill 50 entries within the assortment.
  • Banish #2 – full 60 entries within the assortment.
  • Banish #3 – full 70 entries within the assortment.
  • Banish #4 – full 80 entries within the assortment.
  • Banish #5 – full 90 entries within the assortment.
  • Thoughts Grasp – fill 100 entries within the assortment. (unlocks character customization)
  • Cranium O’Maniac – Survive half-hour with Lama.
  • Milky Means map – observe the inexperienced arrow on the dairy till you discover it. This can be a everlasting unlock that exhibits all close by objects if you pause the sport.
  • Tears of a sorceress – Discover Sorceress Tears in Gallo Tower. (unlocks haste mode)
  • Randomazzo – Discover Randomazzo within the Gallo tower. (opens Arcana)
  • Grimoire Grimoire – Discover the Grimoire Grimoire within the Inlaid Library by following the inexperienced arrow. (opens the evolution checklist within the pause menu)
  • Bestiary – Discover Ars Gouda within the excessive south of the Dairy Manufacturing unit, following the inexperienced arrow. (opens the bestiary in the primary menu)
  • Exceeding the restrict – Take the Nice Gospel. You will discover him after killing the Vampire Survivors Ender boss in Cappella Magna, who spawns on the finish of the run the place yellow arms spawn. (completely lets you stage up a weapon past its cap as a substitute of elevating hen or gold if you improve objects. You will need to allow this within the stage choice menu)
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane – Kill the Bone Orb within the Bone Zone.


  • 0 – Sport Killer – Kill the top boss in Chapel Magna. It seems after about half-hour in case your run began with yellow arrows on the display.
  • I’m Gemini – Attain stage 99 with Pugnala after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • II – Twilight Requiem – Attain stage 99 with Dommario after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • III – Tragic Princess – Attain stage 99 with Porta after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • V – Chaos at midnight evening – Attain stage 99 with Giovanna after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • IV – get up – Attain stage 99 with Croci after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • VI – Saraband of Therapeutic – discover Randomazzo.
  • XVI – Slash – Attain stage 99 with Lama after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XVII – The Misplaced Portray – Attain stage 99 with Poppea after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XIX – Coronary heart of Fireplace – Attain stage 99 with Arca after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XI – Pearl Waltz – Attain stage 99 with Imelda after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • VII – Iron Blue Will – Attain stage 99 with Gennaro after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • VIII – Loopy Groove – Attain 31 minutes within the Loopy Forest after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • X – begin – Attain stage 99 with Antonio after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XVIII – Phantasm Boogaloo – Attain stage 99 with Concetta after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XV – Disco Gold – attain the thirty first minute within the Inlaid Library after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XIV – Crystal Jail – Attain stage 99 with Pasqualina after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XII – Out of bounds – attain the thirty first minute within the Gallo tower after unlocking the Randomazzo.
  • XX – Silent Previous Shrine – Attain 31 minutes on the Dairy Manufacturing unit after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XIII – Evil Season – Attain stage 99 with Cristina after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • IX – Divine lineage – Attain stage 99 with Suor Clerci after unlocking Randomazzo.


  • Inlaid Library – Attain stage 20 within the Loopy Forest
  • inexperienced acres – Unlock hyper mode for 2 phases (survive half-hour on each phases)
  • dairy plant – Attain stage 40 within the Inlaid Library
  • Il Molise – unlock hyper mode for 3 common phases
  • Gallo tower – attain stage 60 within the dairy
  • Bone zone – unlock hyper mode for 3 common phases
  • Moongolow – unlock hyper mode for 4 common phases
  • Chapel Magna – Take care of your complete lunar eclipse occasion ranging from Moongolow and get the Yellow Signal
  • Boss Rush – unlock hyper mode for all 5 common phases

And that is all of the unlocks in Vampire Survivors. As a way to unlock some characters, you must enter the Vampire Survivor cheats and set up the cheat engine mod. For those who’re searching for extra of those video games, why not take a look at our checklist of the perfect Roguelike video games for PC, that includes nice video games that change each time you play them.

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