September 25, 2022

Up to now, all of the ruins’ difficulties fantasy tower is to search out hidden chests. Apart from that, defeating the enemies and the ultimate boss will be a simple job, until the gamers entered the Ruins with an inadequate stage. As for C-02, the Ruins are one of the troublesome Ruins on the planet. fantasy tower.

Whereas it is arduous to search out chests whereas touring by way of the air looking for a path, it is nonetheless lots of enjoyable in comparison with the earlier ruins. C-02 is big and full of many unusual trying big mushrooms, making navigation far more troublesome.


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The place to search out all Destroy C-02 Straightforward Mode chests

Upon reaching the 4 statues inside Ruins C-02, gamers will discover that almost all jumpers are disabled and don’t produce blue beams. Every statue has a coloration beneath it indicating which jumper it unlocks when fantasy tower the characters efficiently rotate it.

Actually, all this doesn’t matter, since activating all of the statues may be very easy. All gamers must do is preserve spinning them till the crimson mild on their chest turns blue. This can activate all accessible jumpers.

After activating the jumpers, gamers should take the primary one and climb to the highest of the enormous mushroom. The primary chest is positioned far to the west. To get to it, the gamers should go all the way down to the jumper within the river. This can make the character fly, so he’ll need to get to the following jumper on the rock in entrance of him. Even when the character falls fantasy tower healers can save the day.

From the final jumper, gamers ought to purpose to succeed in the world the place the primary chest is positioned inside Ruins C-02. Nevertheless, they must be cautious as there are a number of enemies within the space. After defeating them, gamers can open a rusty iron chest.

In an effort to discover the second chest, gamers should return to the beginning, above the mushroom positioned above the 4 statues that each one the jumpers have unlocked. From there, you want some airborne parkour to get to the second chest.

Wanderers should leap on a number of platforms earlier than stepping on three flying jumpers. They’re very straightforward to identify if you happen to search for them on prime of the enormous mushroom. Listed here are the precise steps:

From the enormous mushroom, gamers should descend to the identical bridge within the river, aiming for the one which led the gamers to the primary chest. Nevertheless, from there they’ll need to fly in the wrong way in direction of the tall mushroom behind them.

After reaching fantasy tower mushroom, gamers might want to head in direction of and step on three floating bridges to succeed in the second chest. As with the primary chest, there are a number of enemies guarding it, so gamers must take care of them earlier than getting the rewards from the chest.

There are three difficulties in C-02, and every has its personal chest quantity. There are often two chests in straightforward mode; in regular mode there are 4; and in arduous mode there are six. This hasn’t modified for now, so gamers can look forward to finding extra chests in later problem ranges.

fantasy tower accessible on PC and cell gadgets.

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