February 3, 2023

With the second season Rise of the Protect Hero the anime ended, the fan base gathered their ideas and shaped many alternative opinions about it. The sequence’ second season tried to mix parts unique to the unique gentle novel, manga, internet novel, and even its personal parts into one story, and it doesn’t matter what the top consequence was, this selection all the time led to some issues. points that confuse viewers.

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One instance is Vassal Weapons, often known as “Seven Star Heroes”, because the idea of Vassal Heroes and their relationship to Cardinal Heroes continues to be one of the continuously requested questions in worldbuilding at this time. So, to clear issues up, let’s check out the strongest vassal weapons seen in all three variations of the sport. TROTSCH and somewhat extra about how they work.


eight E-book of Vassals

First, it is the e-book vassal’s weapon, which could shock some individuals contemplating how highly effective it appears. This weapon is utilized by Kio Ethnina, who is among the Vassal Heroes customers from the world that Glass, L’Arc and Teresa got here from (let’s simply name it Glass World). Now, Kyo will not be as widespread within the anime as it’s within the manga, however the E-book of Vassals nonetheless showcases lots of its talents and powers in comparison with another Vassal weapons.

However bear in mind, a variety of this has to do with parts exterior the E-book itself, resembling Kyo utilizing the power of the Guardian Beasts, with the ability to tackle a brand new physique after demise, and his cold-blooded actions coming from his mentality of seeing this world as a “sport”, like different legendary heroes. However the e-book vassal weapon itself is a good assist weapon. Although its enhancement technique, Revised Version, continues to be a bit complicated and appears noticeably weaker than the strategies many different vassal weapons use.

7 Vassal spit

Let’s transfer on to an thrilling vassal weapon, the vassal scythe. That is, in fact, the weapon utilized by L’Arc Berg Sickle, a fan favourite character. Clearly, the Scythe is a unbelievable visible weapon, as its look is often related to the idea of Dying or the Grim Reaper. And, in Rotsh or in most different isekai settings, this supposed power is often the actual deal.

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On the one hand, it appears to be primarily a weapon designed to assault with unbelievable assault energy. Secondly, his enhancement technique, Spirit Enchant, is extremely just like one of many Legendary Spear’s enhancement strategies, each of that are extremely highly effective. And thirdly, Scythe appears to have many strategies to beat any sort of protection or impediment, as L’Arc has proven a ability that makes use of an enemy’s protection to deal equal injury, a ability that launches a spinning disk of power from afar, and even an AoE- twister abilities.

6 Hammer of the Vassal

The Vassal Hammer is a weapon that anime and manga followers might have forgotten about. It was little explored within the sequence, apart from the truth that it was beforehand owned by considered one of Raphtalia’s ancestors named Natalia. Oddly sufficient, within the Net Novel, it’s Raphtalia who finally ends up as her proprietor (however the anime and manga appear to comply with the sunshine novel).

When it comes to use as a weapon, the Hammer has one of the absurd amplification strategies, Weapon Kind Synthesis, which permits the wielder to repeat the distinctive talents of various hammer varieties and “insert” them into one other kind. And the truth that it’s a vassal weapon of the legendary protect, but in addition an “opponent” to it with its influence injury, implies that even Naofumi, with all his numerous talents, will nonetheless combat towards him.

5 Vassal Fan

One other vassal weapon from the World of Glass is the Weapon utilized by Glass herself, the Fan! There are lots of explanation why the fan is so excessive. First, that is very true with Glass, as she comes from a race of Non secular Individuals who might be buffed or weakened with Expertise/Gadgets centered on restoring SP (often known as Soul Energy). Due to this, Glass’s personal innate abilities work in synergy with the fan’s amplification technique, which seems to soak up the remnants of magic emanating from enemies once they assault.

Secondly, the Fan has many alternative strikes that work in numerous disadvantageous conditions. Like L’Arc, she has an assault that makes use of the enemy’s protection towards him, a projectile assault, and lots of AoE assaults. However final however not least, each the martial arts that Glass realized in his youth and Fan’s innate capability make it in order that the longer the combat goes on, the extra benefit Glass has.

4 Vassal of Katana

The Katana vassal weapon is one other weapon that anime followers have lately grow to be accustomed to, as this vassal weapon “selected” Raphtalia once they have been thrown into the Glass World. As a weapon, the katana has a lot in widespread with the scythe. First, it’s an nearly solely offensive weapon with many abilities that target high-speed, high-damage strikes in alternate for nearly no defensive capability.

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Secondly, he has many alternative Expertise that permit Raphtalia to assault completely different points of the enemy, resembling Expertise that drain MP, HP, SP, or people who even mirror the Ability again on the attacker. And thirdly, his Enhancement Technique (known as Refinement), just like the Scythe, is extremely just like the Legendary Spear, and each strategies are completely absurd.

3 Vassal Mirror

Transferring on to the Mirror, one other vassal weapon that hasn’t been seen or explored in a lot too lengthy, however from what followers know from the manga, LN, and Net Novel, it is absurdly highly effective. Not solely is the Mirror one other defense-based weapon just like the Protect, however it’s rather more centered on “reflecting” assaults again on the attacker, and in addition appears to make use of much more delicate tips because of the idea of the “mirror” having many of those. functions like refraction of sunshine, work as a “gate” and extra.

The earlier consumer of Vassal Mirror was a reincarnated human named Albert, who was finally utilized by Kio. Effectively, Albert was already robust, however the factor is, he by no means even used the Mirror’s energy enhancement technique, Culinary Enhancement. Whereas this technique is straightforward, it is somewhat difficult to elucidate, however principally the meals the consumer cooks can provide everlasting stat bonuses, in addition to give the consumer and those that eat the meals one thing known as “Meals EXP”. However, since Albert didn’t need to have a fats “harem”, he by no means used it.

2 Vassal Projectile

Ah, the Projectile Vassal Weapon, in any other case often known as the Weapon, which lastly gave Rishia a strategy to really combat. With thrown weapons, Rycia can combat from afar and use her pure mental thoughts to outwit her opponent.

Thrown weapons, because the identify suggests, can take the type of absolutely anything that can be utilized as a “projectile”, from a throwing knife to a pistol, and that is the place its power lies. However greater than that, the amplification technique, enhancing microtransactions, actually makes different amplification strategies higher or extra prone to succeed relying on how a lot “G” or cash is invested in it.

one Employees of the Vassals

Final and first on this record, in fact, is the Vassal Employees. And, surprisingly, the consumer of this weapon might have been launched even earlier than the Cardinal Heroes have been launched, because it belongs to Altcray Melromarc XXXII (often known as “Trash”). Not solely does this employees inherently improve the quantity of magic spells and enormously cut back the time it takes to solid spells, however its amplification technique, magic rank, permits the consumer to extend the effectiveness of their very own spells or these of any of the opposite heroes for so long as they work collectively.

And in a world of Magic like this one, particularly since this sort has a “Delicate Magic” system, the Vassal Weapon that focuses on enhancing Magic is, in fact, the strongest.

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