January 28, 2023

The lesson of the brand new Aliens: Fireteam Elite DLC, Pathogen Enlargement, is that it’s a must to watch out what you want for as a result of you may get it. Developer Chilly Iron Studios says it is listened to followers asking to combat the alien queen in co-op – and that is precisely what they will be doing within the Pathogen enlargement.

The brand new DLC, which is out now, provides a brand new story marketing campaign that picks up proper after the occasions of the fourth set of missions in the primary sport. Pathogen is about on the planet LV-895 and consists of three missions by which the Marines examine the unusual habits of xenomorphs as they transfer in massive herds all the way down to a big canyon complicated. There’s a cause for this, and that cause might be not a great one.

Because the occasions of earlier campaigns have proven, xenomorphs are altered by a mysterious pathogen that mutates them into pale, enhanced kinds. The Pathogen enlargement provides 4 new xenovariants to the sport. There’s a Pathogen runner which is kind of an armored model of the usual xenomorph. It is larger and more durable, however a bit slower than its vanilla cousin.

Then there’s the demise of the Pathogen, who lurks within the shadows, much like the primary sport’s stalker variant. It releases boluses of explosive goo from an enormous gap as an alternative of a head, so it’s a must to watch out the place you step. The Pathogen Brute is precisely as marketed, utilizing her enormous mutated fists to mash enemies (i.e. you and your fireteam) right into a superb pink mash. Nevertheless, it hits laborious sufficient to unleash shockwaves that harm close by enemies – so use that data to your benefit.

Lastly, there may be the Queen of Pathogens. This alien queen is not tied to an enormous immobilizing ovipositor, which implies she’s on the hunt and prepared for battle. She has a “heavy outer shell” mixed with an extended tail lined in sharp spikes, so hold your distance when you fireplace.

Fortunately, the enlargement additionally provides an enormous collection of new weapons, gear, and perks to make use of in fight, in addition to an entire new set of cosmetics to make you look nice within the subject.

Pathogen enlargement for Aliens: Fireteam Elite is now obtainable on Steam.

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