January 28, 2023

The brand new sandbox map for the Complete Conflict: Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires marketing campaign is big and crammed with compound provinces to overcome and plunder. Now there is a Complete Conflict 3 Immortal Empires mod that spices up all that house with an enormous record of specifically crafted landmarks taken straight from Warhammer lore. It additionally provides customized quest battles, objects, and dilemmas, making it a must-download for longtime followers of the technique sport’s wealthy universe.

Immortal Monuments, created by modder Heimdal, options round 150 new landmarks scattered throughout an enormous world map. There are 300 new monument-related results – some add “common” monument-type issues like faction-wide order buffs or enrollment reductions, whereas others are distinctive and can do issues like summon coastal storms, open portals, or buff your armies. entry to highly effective spells.

Heimdahl did numerous analysis for this mod, extracting description and geographic info immediately from the official Warhammer lore. Carry up the knowledge panel on the Tree of Beards, for instance, and you will find it is an eerie holy place for the greenskins, the place they grasp the heads (and beards) of slain gnomes (this additionally offers +1 Waaagh repute per flip and makes your greenskins extra lethal in opposition to gnomes).

Heimdahl says that putting customized landmarks is not going to be attainable till the modification instruments can be found for Immortal Empires, however for now they’ll substitute and modify present landmarks. A lot of the sights within the mod will likely be applied as soon as the Mixu faction unlocker is launched.

Head to the Steam Workshop and click on Subscribe if you wish to try Immortal Landmarks proper now. Watch out although, if you happen to’re utilizing the Useless of the Orient mod, Immortal Landmarks appears to be incompatible for the time being. Heimdal says this is a matter that’s being labored on and can hopefully be resolved quickly.

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