January 28, 2023

Do you wish to find out about Genshin Affect Cyno banner? Cino, one of many newly introduced upcoming characters of Genshin Affect, hails from Sumeru, wields a polearm and is a five-star character. Dendro pairs very properly with Electro, so there is a good likelihood that Cyno can rank excessive on our Genshin Affect tier record.

Hoyoverse introduced Cyno in tweet, together with Neeloo and Candice, however we do not know a lot about him apart from his official title of Choose of Secrets and techniques and Normal Mahamatra. Due to the Honey Hunter leak, we now have a good suggestion of ​​Cyno’s skills, though they could change after launch.

Genshin Affect Cyno banner launch date

Whereas there isn’t any official launch date for Genshin Affect Cyno, it could be coming within the 3.1 replace as Sumeru’s latest characters Tignari, Kollei and Dory have banners within the present 3.0 replace. Genshin Affect updates at the moment are working on a month-to-month five-week schedule, so we should always be capable to see Cyno as early as the tip of September.

Talents Genshin Affect Cyno

As talked about earlier, Cino Electro’s skills ought to work properly with Dendro’s Tignari and Colley’s characters. Listed here are his leaked skills:

Regular Assault: Invoker’s Spear

  • Regular assault: Carry out as much as 4 consecutive spear strikes.
  • Charged Assault: Consumes a specific amount of stamina to leap ahead and injury enemies.
  • Submersible assault: Carry out a mid-air soar to slam the bottom and injury enemies, dealing space injury on affect.

Elemental Ability: Arcane Ceremony – Chasmic Soulfarer

Carry out a dashing lunge, dealing Electro injury to enemies. When Cyno is within the Sworn Pathfinder state triggered by Sacred Ceremony: Wolf’s Swiftness, solid Funeral Ceremony that offers thunderous electrical injury in an space that extends the length of Sworn Pathfinder.

Elemental Burst: Sacred Ceremony – Wolf’s Swiftness

Summon a divine spirit to own Cino and switch him right into a Sworn Pathfinder.

Sworn Pathfinder: Cino’s regular assault is transformed to Electro injury, and his Elemental Mastery and interrupt resistance are elevated, making him proof against Electro Cost injury. The impact is canceled when Cino leaves the battlefield and lasts for a most of 18 seconds.

Cyno passive skills

  • The Reward of Silence: Get 25% extra rewards while you go on the Sumeru Expedition for 20 hours.
  • Feathered judgment: When Kino is within the Pathfinder state, Cino assumes the place of the Seer at common intervals. When activating his elemental ability, he prompts the Judgment impact, which will increase the injury of his elemental ability by 35%, and the injury from the Dustcatcher Arrow turns into the injury of the fundamental ability.
  • Mastery of the 9 Bows: Cino’s injury values ​​improve primarily based on his elemental mastery: Pact Tracker’s regular assault injury is elevated by 100%, and Dustcatcher’s Arrow injury from the Feathered Judgment ascension expertise is elevated by 250%.

Cyno Constellations

  • Decree – Unceasing Vigil: After utilizing Elemental Burst, Cyno’s regular assault velocity is elevated by 20% for ten seconds. If a Judgment impact is triggered throughout an elemental ability, the length of this improve is refreshed.
  • Ceremony – Return of the Spirits: When Cino’s regular assault hits enemies, his regular crucial strike velocity and injury are elevated by 3% and 6% respectively for 4 seconds. The impact can set off as soon as each 0.1 seconds with a most of 5 stacks.
  • Prescription – Enforcer: Improve the extent of Sacred Ceremony – Wolf’s Swiftness by three. The utmost improve stage is 15.
  • Severity – Forbidden Guard: When Kino is within the Pact Pathfinder state brought on by his elemental blast, he’ll set off an Electrocharge, Overload, Haste, Hyperbloom, Electrovortex, or Electrocrystallization response, restoring three components of power to all close by social gathering members – this may occur 5 occasions throughout a single use of the fundamental blast.
  • Funeral Ceremony – Departure of Starlight: Improve the extent of Elemental Ability: Arcane Ceremony – Abyssal Soul Seeker by three. The utmost improve stage is 15.
  • Apparel – Simply Libra: After utilizing her elemental explosion or triggering Judgment, the Featherfall Judgment passive expertise, Cino beneficial properties 4 stacks of the Day of the Jackal impact. When he hits enemies with regular assaults, he spends one stack of Day of the Jackal to fireside one Dastalker Arrow. Day of the Jackal lasts eight seconds, with a most of eight stacks.

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That is all we find out about Cino’s banner and skills in Genshin Affect. For extra on what’s coming subsequent, here is the present and subsequent Genshin Affect banner and all Genshin Affect occasions in Replace 3.0.

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