November 23, 2022

searching for any of Climbing Supplies Genshin Affect Candace? The Genshin Affect 3.1 replace provides three model new characters to the free-to-play PC sport, together with Candace, the four-star Hydro halberd wielder. Like Cyno, Candace has some Egyptian influences, with the Eye of Horus adorning her headband.

Candice seems on each Genshin Affect banners in the course of the first section. If you happen to’re attempting to unlock Cyno or Venti, there is a good probability you will unlock Candace within the course of. In that case, you possibly can discover ways to get Candice’s ascension supplies so you possibly can preserve leveling her up. 4-star characters are typically inferior to five-star characters, however Candace could stand out as one of many uncommon exceptions to take the highest spot on our Genshin Affect tier checklist.

Climbing supplies Candice

Listed here are all of the supplies for Candice’s ascension and expertise leveling:

Character Ascension Supplies

Ascension section Character degree supplies mora
one twenty 1x Varunada Lapis Lazuli Sliver
3x Crimson comb
3x Light Crimson Satin
20 000
2 40 3x Varunada Lapis Lazuli Fragment
2x mild information tetrahedron
10x Crimson comb
15x Light Crimson Satin
40 000
3 fifty 6x Varunada Lapis Lazuli Fragment
4x mild information tetrahedron
20x Crimson Comb
12x Crimson silk trim
60 000
4 60 3 items of Varunada lapis lazuli
8x mild information tetrahedron
30x Crimson Comb
18x Crimson silk trim
80 000
5 70 6 items of Varunada lapis lazuli
12x mild information tetrahedron
45x Crimson Comb
12x Intense Crimson Brocade
6 80 6x Varunada Lapis Lazuli Gem
20x Mild Information Tetrahedron
60x Crimson Comb
24x Intense Crimson Brocade
120 000

Expertise Climbing Supplies

Every time you degree up Candice, you may have the chance to degree up every of her essential abilities. Beneath is an inventory of the supplies required to achieve the utmost degree of any of her abilities, however word that each one of her abilities have the identical necessities.

Degree supplies mora
2 3x Teachings of Steerage
6x Light Crimson Satin
12 500
3 2x Instruction Guide
3x Edged crimson silk
17 500
4 4x Steerage Guide
4x Edged crimson silk
5 6x Steerage Guide
6x Edged crimson silk
6 9x Instruction Guide
9x Edged crimson silk
37 500
7 4x Philosophy of Steerage
4x Intense Crimson Brocade
1x Tears of the Maleficent God
120 000
eight 6x Philosophy of Steerage
6x Intense Crimson Brocade
1x Tears of the Maleficent God
260 000
9 12x philosophies of steering
9x Intense Crimson Brocade
2x Tears of the Distressed God
450 000
ten 16x philosophies of steering
12x Intense Crimson Brocade
2x Tears of the Distressed God
1x Crown of Perception
700 000

Genshin Impact Candace Ascension Materials: Candice stands with her arms crossed inside the palace.  The pot spills water from the spout.

farm Candice’s supplies

Whereas a considerable amount of materials might be discovered on Candace’s ascension within the Sumeru area, you’ll find it in different components of the world, Teyvat.

Light crimson satin, trimmed crimson silk and wealthy crimson brocade

Yow will discover any of the Crimson Satin objects as loot from Eremite enemies. This contains vanguards, crossbows, ravenbeak halberdiers, line destroyers, sword dancers, desert clear waters, sunny frosts and daytime thunders. The perfect locations to search out eight camps are scattered throughout the outskirts of Sumeru within the following areas:

  • North of Gandha Hill
  • Southwest of Chatrakam Cave
  • Northeast of Mount Devantaka
  • West of Port Ormos
  • Southwest of Apam Forest
  • South of Jasna Monument
  • West of Jasna Monument
  • west of Vanarana

You can too create greater degree scrolls by combining three Light Crimson Satins with 25 mora to get minimize crimson silk, or three minimize crimson silks with 50 mora to get wealthy crimson brocade.

crimson scallops

Crimson crests develop solely within the Sumeru Desert. Search for cacti with these crimson fruits rising on them.

mild information tetrahedron

Yow will discover a brand new merchandise “Mild Conducting Tetrahedron” within the type of a degree 30+ semi-intelligent matrix drop, which can seem within the sport from model 3.1. We’ll let you recognize the precise location as quickly because the replace goes dwell, however pre-release footage seems such as you’re combating the Overseer Community Semi-Intransitive Matrix Algorithm boss contained in the pyramid. There are numerous pyramids within the Dehsret desert. You’ll want to use the electrical assaults or the response of the Catalysis factor to do away with the elements and take away the invisibility cloak from it.

Supplies for hydroclimbing

Candice wants Hydro Ascension supplies to extend her degree cap. These are fragments of varunada-lapis lazuli, fragments, items and treasured stones. You may get them by defeating the next weekly and common bosses.

  • Oceanid
  • Storm Horror
  • Hydro hypostasis
  • Youngster
  • Storm Horror

As well as, you may as well create greater rarity Varunada Lapis Lazuli by changing decrease tier variations, corresponding to utilizing three shards to create a fraction. You can too get the specified Hydro kind supplies through the use of Nitrogen Mud to remodel different varieties of gems.

Expertise Climbing Supplies

Candace wants the Admonition e-book chain to buy upgrades, which is without doubt one of the new expertise chain objects. At present, you possibly can solely get these books from the Spire of Ignorance Area, which you’ll find close to Chatrakam Collapse Sumeru on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

She additionally wants the Distressed God’s Tears to degree up her expertise sooner or later. To get them, you first must unlock the Guardian of Eternity problem and defeat the Finish of the Oneiric Euthymia. This can be a weekly boss, so it could take her some time to shed the tears you are searching for.

The final merchandise you might want to max out Candice’s expertise degree is the Crown of Perception. Yow will discover seven of them by way of presents, whereas Genshin Affect limited-time occasions generally give them out as a part of their rewards.

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That is every part you might want to find out about acquiring Candice’s ascension supplies. Along with getting all these worthwhile objects to spice up her max character degree and expertise ability ranges, you possibly can take a look at our Candace construct and the very best Genshin Affect Candace squad guides so your group can get essentially the most out of her. If you happen to’re hoping to have Candace be a part of your open-world adventures, we suggest redeeming a couple of Genshin Affect codes to get some treasured freebies when Banner 3.1 launches.

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