January 28, 2023

A brand new trailer for Callisto Protocol has been launched, and it gives a contemporary tackle the horror sport’s sci-fi setting as we discover the deep, darkish depths of the Black Iron Jail, a most safety facility constructed on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. Some experiment has failed, and pilot Jacob Lee should determine what it was and find out how to escape.

By the point the freighter pilot Jacob arrives, it’s clear that there was a catastrophe on the Black Iron. Leaflets with the faces of lacking prisoners and employees are plastered in all places, and in some circumstances slogans corresponding to “it is a lie” have been crudely painted over.

“It is like somebody is attempting to cowl up what is going on on right here,” Jacob remarks in a body of a bunch of displays, presumably on the safety heart.

Right here is the trailer:

We additionally study that the location the place the Darkish Iron Jail was constructed was initially a colony of some kind – and that, like the remainder of the Moon, it was fully deserted sooner or later.

So, regardless of the clear indicators of some sinister sci-fi experiment involving alien parasites, it looks like there’s extra occurring – Black Iron may be sitting in a graveyard haunted by one thing much more sinister.

We’ll discover out when The Callisto Protocol’s December launch date comes out.

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