February 6, 2023

The cornerstone of creating the Joker stronger is getting stronger characters. Whereas it would take a variety of fusing and leveling as much as get robust characters, the DLC means that you can lower a couple of corners.

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DLC characters are largely characters inherited from earlier video games. They vary from the preliminary characters of earlier protagonists to their remaining kinds, which you’ll solely see within the remaining battle. These DLC characters will be summoned anyplace within the Velvet Room at no cost for the primary summon. Listed here are the most effective ones to search for in your assortment.


10/10 Izanagi

Yuu’s beginning character in Persona 4. That is an electrical energy and bodily harm primarily based character who already is aware of Zionga and Cross Slash when summoned. Cross Slash offers two heavy hits and is the most effective bodily assault yow will discover on a degree 20 character.

Izanagi additionally has the Godmaker passive skill, which will increase the prospect of activating allies’ particular talents. Every member of your social gathering has completely different talents, and activating them extra usually is barely a bonus.

9/10 Orpheus (male)Persona 3 Orpheus First Summon Animation

The beginning character for Makoto is Persona 3. This character is low sufficient to not break the sport whereas nonetheless being a robust character to make use of. He learns spells primarily based on fireplace and is invoked figuring out the Cadence. Cadence is a percentage-based therapeutic spell that heals 50% of all social gathering members, making it higher than most therapeutic spells within the recreation.

Orpheus additionally learns Tolerate at degree 27, not removed from the place he’s referred to as. It is a nice skill for the Joker, as his fall outcomes instantly recreation over.

8/10 Tsukuyomi PikaroPersona 5 Royal Tsukuyomi Pikaro Build

Sho character from Persona 4 Enviornment Ultimax. This Particular person offers a really robust curse and bodily harm. His trait provides him further harm when utilized in One Extra assault, permitting him to deal extremely excessive harm to downed foes.

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Holding SP in palaces is a crucial a part of the metaverse. Tsukuyomi has a Spell Grasp that reduces the required SP by 50% for magical assaults. It additionally has a spirit drain permitting you to instantly drain SP from enemies and have extra choices to make use of within the palace.

7/10 RaulPersona 5 Royal Raul Build

Raul is Arsene’s subsequent type, coming from the same previous, extremely related, and having all of Arsene’s subsequent degree talents. Raul has a excessive harm curse skill, Ali Dance, which causes half of all hits to overlook the Joker.

Raul additionally learns Rise of Warmth, the most effective single buff within the recreation that will increase the assault, protection, hit, and dodge stats of the goal for 3 turns. He may also be taught to pay attention over time, which is able to improve your subsequent magic assault by 250%. After profitable a battle, the Joker recovers 8% of his well being and SP.

6/10 ThanatosPersona 5 Royal DLC Battle against Makoto with Thanatos

One in every of Makoto’s increased personalities from Persona 3 and the personification of loss of life from Ryoji. This individual focuses on heavy curse harm and heavy weapon harm. His trait additionally permits him to chop SP prices in half after passing the baton.

He additionally has a singular skill, Hades Door, appropriate for this character’s purpose within the third recreation. This skill offers heavy almighty harm to all enemies and has a medium likelihood to immediately kill any goal. Heavy almighty harm is already devastating and a few opponents could not even get previous the moment kill.

5/10 Asterius PicaroPersona 5 Royal Asterius Picaro Menu

The Shadow Labrys persona from Persona 4 Enviornment, this persona focuses on very excessive bodily and fireplace harm. With a trait that offers further harm to low well being enemies, this character will simply end off an enemy or rapidly carry them to their final breath.

Asterius has a singular Titanomachy talent that offers heavy fireplace harm to all enemies with a excessive likelihood to inflict Concern on them. The added standing impact is sensible once you see how a lot harm this skill can deal.

4/10 Magatsu-IzanagiPersona 5 Royal Magatsu-Izanagi Menu

The picture of maybe the best character of all time, Tohru Adachi. Magatsu Izanagi has extra talents than most, together with robust curses, electrical, bodily, and all-powerful assaults. He begins every battle with an enhanced assault for 3 turns and has a heating factor after or for his allies.

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Its cursed assault can even trigger confusion, worry, or despair to affected targets. He additionally has the Ghastly Wail skill, which immediately kills any enemy stricken with worry that his curse skill can set off. His character trait additionally offers further harm to any enemy bothered with a standing illness.

3/10 Orpheus (feminine)Orpheus male (left) and Orpheus female (right)

The character Kotone from Persona 3 Moveable. This model of Orpheus is similar to his male counterpart, however begins at a decrease degree and learns extra fundamental firebending. As well as, studying Endure will assist the Joker keep alive as soon as in a battle when he ought to die.

What makes the Orpheus girl so wonderful is her distinctive Neo Cadenza spell. This spell heals the social gathering for 50% and will increase their assault protection, hit, and dodge for 3 turns. This is identical buff because the heater, nevertheless it impacts the complete crew and heals them, making it top-of-the-line therapeutic and assist talents within the recreation.

2/10 MessiahPersona 5 Royal Messiah Menu

Makoto’s true remaining identification from Persona 3 is an amalgamation of Thanatos and Orpheus. The Messiah is the final word assist and survival piece, recovering 6% HP and SP on the finish of every victory and seven SP per Joker flip.

Messiah is ready to use heavy omnipotent assault and colossal bodily assault, in addition to take in incoming bodily harm. The Messiah additionally has a singular Oratory talent that totally heals the complete social gathering and restores any standing ailment. Self-healing can be doubled, however with Oratorio it’s superfluous.

1/10 Izanagi-No-Okami PikaroPersona 5 Royal Izanagi-No-Okami

The last word character of Yu in Persona 4 and the holder of a number of truths. That is by far essentially the most {powerful} character within the recreation, and the fight system can simply change into stale. To start with, this character totally restores your HP and SP, and on the finish of the battle learns Focus, which provides a 250% bonus to the following magic assault.

The subsequent magical assault would be the Myriad of Truths. This unleashes three heavy omnipotent assaults on all enemies, destroying every little thing that isn’t a boss. This character additionally will get stronger as your character roster fills up, finally doubling its stats and harm to the most effective talent within the recreation, Myriad Truths.

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