March 22, 2023

It took a really very long time to get the Nice Spiritvein gems in Monster Hunter World till the occasion quest made them 100% certain of getting them. The previous methodology of searching Tempered Historical Dragons nonetheless works, however the drop price for a Better Spirit Vein Gem is just about 3%. This may be carried out rather a lot simpler within the Guiding Lands, and remains to be a great methodology for gamers who do not feel assured finishing an occasion quest. Right here is the right way to farm nice spirivine gems in Monster Hunter World.

Tips on how to Farm Nice Spiritvein Gems in Monster Hunter World

There are two occasion quests in Monster Hunter World that make it extraordinarily simple to farm the Nice Spiritvein gems, and there’s a assured drop of at the least one gem. This Ode to Destructionthe place gamers should combat Ruiner NergiganteAnd Mew primary!the place gamers should combat with Livid Rajang. Ode to the Destruction has the additional advantage of permitting as much as two extra gems to be obtained. It is an 8% probability, but when gamers maintain farming it should actually begin to repay. After all, there are different methods to farm these things if gamers discover these two quests overwhelming.

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Alternatively, gamers can go to Guiding Lands for farming hardened monsters. Stronger monsters will spawn extra regularly at larger ranges, and hardened monsters will solely spawn at larger ranges. degree 7. Listed here are the monsters it drops:

  • Blackvale Vaal Hazak – 3%
  • Kushala Daora – 3%
  • Teostra – 3%
  • Lunastra – 3%
  • Ruiner Nergigante – 3%
  • Namiel – 3%
  • Velhana – 3%
  • Kirin – 1%
  • Stygian Zinogre – 5%
  • Seething Baselguez – 3%
  • Savage Devilio – 3%
  • Rajang – 3%
  • Golden Rathian – 3%
  • Silver Rathalos – 3%

What are the nice spirit vein gems used for in Monster Hunter World

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Better Spirit Vein Gems are used to Gear augmentation when speaking to a blacksmith. They’re specifically used to extend the slots twelfth place Weapon, improve restrict for twelfth place Armor and alter the looks of any weapon to seem like a rank 12 weapon. This even works on Safi’jiiva and Zinogre weapons, though Zinogre weapons require loads of Fulgurbug farming. Upgrading this stronger weapon solely makes it extra highly effective and likewise makes farming a lot simpler.

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