March 22, 2023

In Sons Of The Forest, you’ll begin your journey to survival with solely a lighter as a lightweight supply. That is nice for making fires, however when you begin going into the caves you will discover that it is not that unhealthy. Thankfully, you possibly can exchange it with a flashlight.

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Getting a flashlight is a journey in itself. Deep within the woods, you will have to observe your GPS and come across a grim little story, however at the least you will come out with higher tools.


The place to discover a flashlight

That little GPS you picked up out of your survival equipment is a useful little instrument, particularly when it comes to discovering a flashlight. There are little purple exclamation marks on the GPS that point out different alerts. This is among the many symbols you have to be acquainted with in an effort to get essentially the most out of your GPS. Take into account that chances are you’ll not all the time just like the plot twists you encounter whereas following these markers, and the flashlight is a robust instance.

This marker will take you to the rocky aspect of the cliff. When you observe the path and end up on the backside of a cliff, questioning what you might be in search of, the reply is: you must lookup.

The sons of the forest hung the NPC over the edge of the cliff

The proprietor of this sign is lifeless. Hanging on the sting of a cliff. One of many many victims of the forest, however you by no means know if it was suicide or homicide. In any case, the subsequent query is what precisely to do now. This corpse does not simply maintain a radio sign, it additionally owns the flashlight you had been in search of. In different phrases, you’ll have to decrease them.

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get a flashlight

The sons of the forest are about to cut the rope while holding the hanged NPC

If the trail you adopted on the waypoint has already taken you to the highest of the cliff, you simply have to discover a rock that has a rope tied round it. When you entered the world on the foot of the cliff, begin strolling to the left of the hanging corpse and finally you will discover a part of cliff that may be a adequate path to climb to the highest. You then once more have to strategy a sure rock the place the physique was hung. You will see a number of bottles of alcohol and further rope, which it is best to add to your stock for future crafting. After you’re taking this loot, you will need to pull out one thing sharp like an axe. Hit this rope laborious and it’ll break and the corpse will fall to the forest ground.


Now that you have defiled the poor fellow, you possibly can rob him. Test his pockets for additional provides and make sure you examine subsequent to the physique, as this shall be the place the flashlight will fall. By choosing up the flashlight, it’s going to instantly exchange the lighter because the default gentle supply. You’ll be able to change which button with gentle, you simply have to open the menu, however the default on the controller stays D-Pad, and the default for the keyboard is L.

How good is a flashlight

Sons of the forest with a flashlight at night

Flashlights work finest indoors. A particular gentle supply displays off the partitions and illuminates all the space. Due to this, a flashlight is a superb instrument when you must make your method by a cave. It is foolish to journey by the cave till you’ve a flashlight, because the default lighter will do subsequent to nothing for you to have the ability to see.. Now, as proven within the picture above, this doesn’t imply that the flashlight works nice outdoor in the midst of the night time. Imagine it or not, even so, it stays a greater supply of sunshine than a lighter. The lighter additionally does subsequent to nothing on your visibility at night time. Whereas making an attempt to make use of a flashlight exterior continues to be quite a bit higher than utilizing an everyday lighter, the actual lesson to be taught is that in case you’re strolling within the woods at night time, go to mattress as a substitute.. You need to not roam the forest at night time. There are too many risks and setting the sunshine will pressure You seen, and never vice versa. Simply go to mattress, it is your insurance coverage.

And the very last thing to recollect is that if you do not have a flashlight, you would possibly get fortunate in your cave journey in case you occur to seek out textile. Mix the fabric, stick and lighter to create a torch in your stock. A flashlight is preferable, however remember that even in case you have a flashlight, torch crafting supplies are an ideal factor. You’ll be able to all the time run out of battery. You must have a backup, irrespective of what number of batteries you discover.

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