March 22, 2023

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  • Location of all hedge mazes
  • Learn how to Remedy Hedge Maze Puzzles

If you happen to’ve ever needed to make your method by way of a maze, you understand that it may be disturbing and troublesome at occasions. There are a number of hedge mazes in Hogwarts Legacy that may make you run in circles in confusion.

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We gives you some clues that will help you attain the treasure with 5 totally different highland mazes. These hedge mazes are comparatively quick, so it’s best to have the ability to full all 5 in a brief period of time.

Location of all hedge mazes

The hedge mazes in Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy won’t initially be marked in your map, so you’ll have to discover them by exploring. Nevertheless, we’ll present you location of all 5 mazes right here so you’ll find them shortly and full all of them.

Hedge Maze in Hogsmeade Valley

Image of the location on the map of the hedge maze near Upper Hogsfield in Hogwarts Legacy.

The primary hedge maze may be discovered within the Hogsmeade Valley area. Arrival at Higher Hogsfield fire flameafter which Head east to the world marked on the map. This might be subsequent to the large purple toad lair on the map.

South Hogwarts hedge maze

Image of the location on the map of the Lower Hogsfield Labyrinth in Hogwarts Legacy.

Subsequent, we have now a hedge maze positioned within the South space of ​​Hogwarts. Use Hogsfield’s decrease chimney flameafter which Head southwest to the marked space on the map. It ought to be straightforward to identify as it’s near a big ridge of mountains.

South Sea swamp maze

Depiction of the location on the map of the Northern Swamp South Sea hedge maze in Hogwarts Legacy.

To seek out this hedge maze, you’ll want to go to the South Sea Swamp within the Highlands. Use North South Sea swamp chimney flameand make your method to the southeast to get to the labyrinth. In your method right here, you’ll cross by the Trial of Merlin and a treasure vault.

The hedge maze on the coast of Poidseer

Image of the location on the maze map near Phoenix Mountain Cave in Hogwarts Legacy.

The subsequent hedge maze may be discovered within the Poidsear Coast area within the southern a part of the map. Take Chimney Flame in Phoenix Mountain Cave to get to the precise place after which go due south to get to the hedge maze. It will likely be behind an historic magical place and subsequent to a small forest.

Hedge maze in Cragcroftshire

Image of the location on the map of the hedge maze near Cragcroft in Hogwarts Legacy.

The final maze you’ll find in Hogwarts Legacy might be within the Cragcroftshire area, on the very backside of the map. Use Cragcroft fire flameafter which the top due south once more. The hedge maze might be on a small island subsequent to the water beneath.

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Learn how to Remedy Hedge Maze Puzzles

An image of a treasure chest found in the hedge maze in Hogwarts Legacy.

Sadly, we’re not ready to offer a direct walkthrough for every particular person hedge maze as they’re. are randomized for everybody and alter regularly. Nevertheless, we may give you some suggestions that will help you resolve the puzzles by yourself and get your treasure.

First, you’ll search for a treasure chest moderately than attempting to get to the tip of the maze. As soon as you discover the chest, the maze round you’ll disappear, so you do not have to search for a method out.

Depiction of the Revelio spell used to search for a treasure chest in a maze in the Hogwarts Legacy.

The treasure chests hidden listed below are particularly giant, so use Revelio regularly to see precisely the place the treasure chest is hidden. This gives you an thought of ​​which paths to take as an alternative of aimlessly strolling down every path solely to seek out your self empty. you need go to the entrance aspect of the treasure chest when looking out, because the treasure chest is often in opposition to a wall, so you’ll be able to’t get to it from the again.

So long as you retain utilizing Revelio, you will not need to wrestle too onerous to seek out the treasure chest. The mazes are fairly small, so even for those who’re not near the treasure chest, it most certainly will not be that far. chests usually positioned nearer to the middle of the labyrinth, so most frequently search alongside the paths resulting in the middle. If in case you have issue finishing one maze, you’ll be able to reset it by exiting and returning again, or by loading a earlier save.

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