March 22, 2023

Jean, referred to as the Dandelion Knight, is the appearing Grand Grasp of the Favonius Knights in Genshin Impression. Jean is nearly at all times busy defending Mondstadt, and her youthful sister Barbara goals of sometime turning into similar to her.

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As a 5-star Anemo character, Jin can simply match right into a cheerleader’s footwear. She will be able to buff everybody’s harm with Swirl Reactions and supply therapeutic to maintain the group alive on the battlefield.

Jin’s Greatest Construct and Artifact Units

When creating Jin as a help character, you have to give attention to getting as a lot Swirl harm as potential. This can enable her to considerably buff her teammates’ Elemental DMG and supply most help to her group. Now we have chosen one of the best set of artifacts for her to boost her function.

4-set Viridescent Venerer

Image of the Viridescent Venerer Artifact Set and its stats in Genshin Impact.

2 units of Viridescent Venerer will give Jean a 15 p.c Anemo DMG bonus. His 4 units will improve her Swirl Injury by 60%. It can additionally scale back the opponent’s elemental RES to the aspect infused into the Swirl by 40 p.c for 10 seconds. This set of artifacts is probably the most very best for Jin, because it improve the harm of her Whirlwind Reactions, which in flip will vastly help the remainder of the group. It can additionally add a bonus deplete enemy elemental resistances to additional improve the group’s total harm output. When selecting the principle traits and sub-characteristics for every half, here’s what you need to select.


Primary statistics


Sands of Aeon


Assault%, ​​Power Recharge, CRIT, CRIT Likelihood

Eonofema Cup

Anemo DMG Bonus

Assault%, ​​Power Recharge, CRIT, CRIT Likelihood

Crown of the Logos

Therapeutic Bonus, CRIT DMG or CRIT Price

Assault%, ​​Power Recharge, CRIT, CRIT Likelihood

Growing Jean’s ATK is extremely vital, as that is the place all of her therapeutic will come from. She will be able to heal her group together with her regular assault and elemental explosion, that are affected by ATK. The power recharge will even be vital to maintain her elemental blast simply accessible, and the CRITICAL CRITIC stats will improve the harm of her vortex reactions.

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The very best 5-star and 4-star weapon Jin

A depiction of the character Jean with the Favonious sword in Genshin Impact.

There are various weapon choices for Jean relying on what sort of help character you need her to be. If you wish to give attention to therapeutic then ATK shall be your greatest wager, however when you favor so as to add extra to it Whirlwind Injury, then select CRIT Stats, Power Recharge, or Elemental Mastery. can be the popular alternative. Listed here are a number of the greatest weapons accessible for her.

5-Star Weapons: Skyward Blade and Oath of Freedom

Skyward Blade will give Jean a base 12 p.c improve in her power recharge. His bonus feat will improve her CRIT by 4%. She will even achieve Celestial Energy after utilizing Elemental Burst, which can improve motion pace by 10 p.c, assault pace by 10 p.c, and improve the harm of regular and charged assaults by 20 p.c for 12 seconds. Skyward Blade is a good alternative for Jean to buff her Elemental Burst, which is her most vital assault. It can additionally give her an honest buff to her regular assault, which you may also use to heal your teammates.

Sworn to Liberty will give Jean a base improve in her Elemental Mastery by 43. Its bonus talent will improve her harm output by 10%. When Jean prompts an Elemental Response, she’s going to achieve a Seal of Revolt each 0.5 seconds. This works even when she will not be on the sector. Once you attain 2 seals, they are going to be consumed, giving close by celebration members 20% assault and 16% regular, charged, and falling harm for 12 seconds. As soon as triggered, Jin is not going to obtain a seal for 20 seconds. Freedom-Sworn is not going to solely buff Jean’s personal harm with Elemental Mastery, however will even have the ability to give the remainder of his group some additional help by boosting their ATK harm.

4-Star Weapons: Festering Want and Amenoma Kageuchi

Rotting Want will give Jean a base 10 p.c improve in her power recharge. Its bonus talent will improve her elemental talent harm by 16% and her elemental talent vital harm by 6%. Since Jean’s Elemental Talent is her subsequent greatest after her Elemental Burst, rising its harm will vastly help her group as she’s going to have the ability to generate excessive Whirlwind harm.

Amenoma Kageuchi will give Jin a base 12 p.c improve in her ATK. Its bonus talent will enable Jean to achieve 1 Legacy seed after utilizing her Elemental talent. This impact can set off as soon as each 5 seconds, and the seed will final for 30 seconds. As much as 3 Legacy seeds can exist on the similar time. After she makes use of an Elemental Burst, all Legacy Seeds shall be consumed, and after 2 seconds, Jean will restore 6 Power for every seed consumed. Amenoma Kageuchi is a implausible free weapon that may be crafted for Jin. Not solely will she get a pleasant therapeutic increase with the ATK buff, she will even have the ability to regenerate her Power together with her Bonus Talent.

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Jean’s greatest group compositions

A split image of the characters Ganyu, Raiden Shogun, and Yula on the wish banners for Genshin Impact.

As an Anemo help, Jin can simply match into a number of completely different groups. particularly these made up of Electro, Pyro, Hydro, or Cryo. These are parts that may be improved together with her vortex reactions. With that in thoughts, listed here are a number of the greatest instructions for her.

5 star group

On a 5 star Jin group, a lot of the harm will come from Superconductivity response between cryo and electro. Jean will assist increase these two parts along with his Whirlwind Reactions and heal the group with Elemental Burst.


Character sort and advantages

Raiden Shogun

Sub-DPS, can present highly effective Electro DMG and superconductivity response utility.


Main DPS, can present extra Cryo DMG space of ​​impact with Elemental Burst.


Sub-DPS, can grant extra Cryo DMG and provides Eula a Cryo DMG bonus.

4 star group

On this 4-star group for Jean, you’ll give attention to creating Overloaded Response by Pyro and Electro blended collectively. Together with this, Jhin can increase any of those parts along with his Whirlwind Reactions to extend elemental harm.


Character sort and advantages


Assist can present assault increase and therapeutic with Elemental Burst and assist create an overloaded response.


Sub-DPS, can present highly effective Pyro DMG off the sector with Elemental Burst.


A fundamental DPS that may present constant electro harm and utility each on and off the sector to create an overloaded response.

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